Horn care

For Opticians – How to work with Buffalo Horn Frames


Working with buffalo horn frames is not difficult but you have to take more care and a little more time than usual. The buffalo horn itself is not as easy to bend by heating as it is for normal acetate frames.

Due to the structure of the horn, the frame can crack if not treated correctly.

Plastic lenses are recommended so that the natural comfort and light weight of the buffalo horn frame is supported.

The lenses should be cut 0.3mm to .5mm smaller than what would be normally cut for acetate frames.

Please take care of bevelling all the edges of the lens, especially the top so that it is not sharp.

The frames should be warmed slowly using the highest heat setting. Hold the frame to the heat for 30 to 40 seconds at a time for five or six times until the material becomes too hot to touch (70 -80°C).

Then insert the lens smoothly and lengthwise without using too much pressure.


Solid Bamboo Temples:

While bamboo does have some inherent flexibility it is not malleable enough to be adjusted like a traditional acetate frame.


Buffalo Horn Care


Because of its natural material, buffalo horn frames require special care. With every buffalo horn frame purchase from Claudia Alan Inc., we provide you with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a container of polishing cream. Every three months, buff a small amount of the polishing cream into your frame with the microfiber cleaning cloth, paying special attention to the frame edges. Do not apply to the bamboo temples.

Avoid using water or chemical cleaners on your frames. Should your frame come into contact with lens cleaner, remove it immediately with the microfiber cleaning cloth. As with any other frame, avoid leaving your eyewear in extremely hot, humid climates for extended periods of time.